I am thrilled to share information regarding CakeFu. Amelia has been doing a great service to all who possess a love for the art of cake. Many of the featured instructor’s are well known in the industry. is a website geared toward offering cake decorating information from the most reliable sources. We launched our CakeFu Master trainings over a year ago and it has been a huge hit in the cake decorating community.

CakeFu Master Trainings are in the setting of a live presentation by renowned cake decorators that can be accessed at home via computer. Participants can listen to the trainer and watch a series of pictures or videos and even have the opportunity to ask questions to the trainers. It is a great resource for learning everything from cake structure to gum paste flowers to running a successful cake business.

The name CakeFu came from the idea of the word ‘KungFu’. Fu means “mastering the art of…” so CakeFu would mean ‘mastering the art of cake decorating’. It was our fun little play on words.

I am fortunate to have found CakeFu and extremely grateful to Amelia for the amazing service; best of all I get to watch in my own computer, at my own convenience and above all it is free