St.Paschal Prayer Group - 40th Anniversary cake

St.Paschal Prayer Group – 40th Anniversary cake

The cake was created for the anniversay dinner held at St.Paschal Baylon Church, to celebrate 40 years of community, praise and worship, testimonies etc.

The second tier titled ‘St.Paschal Prayer Group’ is above the cake ‘Holy Bible’ to represent that the prayer group is built on the Word of God. Above flowers and leaves are all hand sculpted in icing-Gum paste. The tier with #40 also, includes musical notes and symbols representing the music ministry resembling praise and worship.

Top tier with praying hands to represent what a prayer group is all about and the hand scultped rosary with icng sugar beads and the Crucifix conmpletes the theme –  prayer group.

Surprisingly, I had no idea what the colour theme or table centerpieces were to be, as I had been unable to attend any meetings. The day of the event once the cake was set up and when I looked around I was totally surprised to discover that the table centerpieces were praying hands with a rosary wrapped around. The only difference being the sugar rosary I created was in blue and the centerpieces were in red. Later, a friend brought to my attention how the colour theme in the table centerpieces matched including to ivy leaves without any prior knowledge of what the theme or decor would be. It is completely the work of the Holy Spirit.

Praying hands

Praying hands