sugar cove cake

I am happy to feature lovely and talented Angela.
She creates beautiful sugar blooms and has a lovely blog known as ‘ Sugar Cove’.

My love for all things sugar did not begin until I started university. While
my friends were mingling in bars on weekends, I could be found in a cake
decortating class learning the finer points of piping, sugar flowers and
cake decorating. I started with classes at McCall’s in Toronto, Ontario,
little knowing that this would serve as a starting point for a long
passionate love affair with sugar.

I started making cakes for friends and family, as way to practice my skills
but also as a way to indulge in my passion for cake. A few years later, I
went on to study part-time at George Brown College, taking classes in
hospitality and the baking and pastry arts. It was here that I learned the
science and logic behind the art of baking. I learned production work and
how to bake on a mass scale…all good things to know when whipping out
wedding cakes and special occasion cakes on weekends.
Although, cake decorating is my passion, it’s not a full-time passion as my
career path took a turn towards education. In 2006 I went to teacher’s
college. Luckily, life has a funny way of throwing opportunities your way
and I’ve been very fortunate to be able to combine my passion for sugar and
my love of teaching. I’ve started to teach cake decorating classes, and
conduct workshops in sugar flowers, igniting other people’s passion for
sugar as well as indulging in my own. There’s nothing like having a student
have that “aha moment” and help them grow as a sugar artist.